About Agelos Zias

Hello! I am Agelos Zias and I am a Residential Real Estate Photographer.

Agelos Zias


My love for photography got me into Professional Residential Photography. My mission is to showcase your property in a way that attracts the eye and creates the desire to live in it.

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The Process

  • Step 1.

    Make an apointment

    We discuss the characteristics of your property inner and outer space and plan the photoshooting.

  • Step 2.

    Photograph Property

    The photoshooting is the meeting point among our attention, the object that we photograph and the conditions that surround our object. We can see the future, the past and depict the present.

    Step 2.

    Photograph Property
  • Step 3.


    The photoshooting is followed by the editing process. The photographs are treated carefully in a way that creates an harmonic and homogenous result.

  • Step 4.

    Client Review

    We revise the photographs and create a selection that depicts the feeling that we want to create. After that step the photographs are ready to be published on the rental website of your choise.

    Step 4.

    Client Review